Custom Design

The custom process consists of different stages to make the perfect outfit.

The Consultation

During the consultation you meet with the design team. You'll discuss your ideas, what you feel comfortable with and what would best suit the event.  This is a time were we get to know you and your style.  You will get sketches, choose fabric and have your measurements taken.  With the world ever changing his process can be done over a video chat as well! 

The Muslin Fitting 

During the muslin fitting you will try on the prototype for your garment.  Fitting changes as well as changes to the neckline, hemline, or seaming will be done during this stage. 

The 1st Fitting

During the 1st fitting your garment will be made in the fashion fabric you and the design team picked out. We will make small changes to give you the best possible fit. 

The 2nd Fitting 

During the 2nd fitting your garment will be 70% done.  This is when we will add the final touches or make adjustments if necessary. 

The Final Fitting

During the final fitting your garment will be complete. You'll try it on once more to check everything and then it will be packed and ready for you to take home! 
 Custom Gowns start at $5,000